Control and monitor corporate travel expense abuse electronically

Business travel is essential for companies to build existing supplier and client relationships, expand into new markets and increase sales. If not tightly managed and controlled, travel expenses can add up quickly. Managing travel costs can be challenging, especially if employees are taking advantage of their travel budget. To control and manage travel expenses, the following challenges must be addressed.

  • Archaic paper-based logbooks create gaps in the business process due to human errors, incorrect details and omissions.
  • Double entries or inflated kilometre readings concealing personal use are difficult and time- consuming to detect.
  • Even if trips are accurately recorded, the information in a paper-based logbook must still be captured and processed manually, a tedious and time-consuming task.
  • The tedious task of collating and managing receipts following trips wastes time for both travelling employees and admin staff.
  • If SARS deems a logbook inaccurate in any way, the travel allowance tax claim can be rejected, leaving the tax payer with a potential tax liability.

Simple, stylish and highly affordable, the electronic GPS Log Book is a user-friendly device which makes controlling business travel easier. Using high sensitivity GPS and intelligent logging software, the GPS Log Book accurately records the date, time, opening and closing odometer readings of each trip without any user intervention. The unit can record vehicle services, car washes, and oil and fuel expenses for reporting and tax purposes. Unlike tracking units in most company vehicles, the GPS Log Book also provides GPS coordinates, the maximum and average speed, duration and distance travelled and the position and speed of a vehicle at any point in a journey, which is useful for insurance and claims purposes.

Companies that have invested in a GPS Log Book to monitor and track their employees’ travel expenses have reported savings of up to R50,000 a month on fuel expenses alone. These companies have seen a reduction in travel expense fraud as employees realise their travel expenses are being monitored and tracked. Further savings were identified once the companies were able to track the whereabouts of their employees using the GPS Log Book LiVE version.

The data from the unit is simply uploaded via USB onto a computer (PC or Mac) to the GPS Log Book website, where it can be viewed from anywhere in the world. Trips can be categorised using Google Maps, comments and notes can be added and “zones” can be created for frequent trips, which will then be categorised automatically. Users enjoy features including automatic address look up, detailed categorisation of trips and a Group Reporting Module, ideal for corporates, as it allows data to be shared automatically between accounts.

At the click of a mouse, users can accurately calculate monthly business travel expenses, provide solid proof of billable hours and travel costs to clients, utilise an accurate platform for corporate reimbursement to staff, optimise executives’ sales visits through better planning and produce a number of useful business reports based on which accurate corporate income tax returns can be logged. Reports are produced in PDF format, which do not allow for tampering or forging, and thus eliminate potential fraud and dishonesty. All records are kept safe and secure on the GPS Log Book ‘cloud’ server for the mandatory five-year period as stipulated by SARS.

GPS Log Book takes the hassle out of managing travel expense reports, tracking employee business and sales visits, recording billable hours, reducing travel expense abuse, generating accurate SARS- compliant logbooks and verifying travelling costs and e-Toll fees. To effectively control and monitor travel expenses electronically, reduce administration, eliminate travel expense abuse and cut travel expenses, GPS Log Book is the simple solution.

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