New Trends in Corporate Travel

Managing business travel and expenses is becoming increasingly complex, between integration with mobile technology, nuances in traveller preferences, and new travel supplier strategies. One company that has innovated within travel and accommodation is Airbnb. Many of you may have heard of Airbnb, but have you ever considered it for business travel? Airbnb, Inc., the online marketplace that connects travellers with rooms, has changed the face of leisure travel and now it’s starting to make its mark on the business class.

In July of 2014, Airbnb announced Business Travel on Airbnb, a service that helps business travellers’ search and book accommodations. The program signed up 500 companies in its first 24 hours, and a year later, it counts more than 1,000 companies in 35 countries as customers.

This shift in approach to business travel is part of the sharing economy, largely a by-product of the economic recession. Businesses are under increasing pressure to innovate in order to reduce wastage and bring down costs. The pressure has been a driving force behind innovation which seeks to integrate technology into business processes for greater automation and efficiencies.

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The GPS Log Book Team.